Electric Orpheus 2017: September Edition / 09.09.2017

Electric Orpheus is a monthly format in Bulgaria bringing out the most interesting and edgy artists. From Rock’n’Roll to Live Electronics, DJs, Theatre, Performance, Exhibitions and more. The September edition took place at Villa Yustina Event Space, 25 km away from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Lineup: Odd Couple (Berlin, Germany): Facebook / Official 2henning (Switzerland): Facebook /… Read More Electric Orpheus 2017: September Edition / 09.09.2017

Seine /Croatia/: 22+23 May 2017

Seine /Croatia/ live in: Plovdiv, May 22 2017 @Petnoto Sofia, May 23 2017 @Maimunarnika Seine is a post romantic punk-folk trio. Catch them if you can, the next great band from Croatia. Bandcamp Event link here

Alex Kelman /Moscow, Russia/: 5 +6 October 2016

Alex Kelman /Moscow, Russia/ Live in: Sofia @ Art Hostel, October 5 2016 Plovdiv @ club Fargo, October 6 2016 Alex Kelman is an electronic-indietronic-synthpop-noise duo that goes to electro dance punk territory with a pop perfection. Check them out on Bandcamp. Event link: here

Les Spritz /Italy/ + Klaus Legal /France/: 28 September 2015

Les Spritz /Messina, Sicily (Italy)/and Klaus Legal /France/ Live in Plovdiv @Petnoto, September 28 2015 Les Spritz is a duo (drums and guitar) that plays loud and discordant music since 2006. Noise Axe. Klaus Legal is an one man band with a set of synthesizers, volume pedals, microphone and simple lights. No mercy live electronics. Both bands have also… Read More Les Spritz /Italy/ + Klaus Legal /France/: 28 September 2015

Saturday Psych Night: 27 June 2015

Saturday Psych Night: Nick Chongi & Chichi + Comasummer + The Black Swells Live in Plovdiv @King’s Stables, June 27 2015 Nick Chongi & Chichi is a duo from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Garage-rock-indie-pop. Comasummer are from Sofia, Bulgaria and play neo-psychedelic rock. The Black Swells is a garage-punk-psychedelic trio, also from Sofia. Event link here.    

Vlasta Popic /Croatia/: 4 + 6 April 2015

Vlasta Popic /Varazdin, Croatia/ Live in: Plovdiv @Petnoto, April 4 2015 Kardzhali @Stage, April 6 2015 Vlasta Popic is a powerful punk-noise-pop trio. They sing in Croatian and carry you through a R’n’R heaven. Explosive vortex of colored noise, melodies and riffs. Rules! Event link here, pics from the gig here.

Jozef van Wissem /USA/: 16 February 2015

Josef van Wissem /Brooklyn, New York/ Live in Plovdiv @Petnoto, February 16 2015 Josef van Wissem is a Dutch composer, now based in Brooklyn, multi-instrumentalist and best known for his collaboration with Jim Jarmusch on his movie soundtracks. Josef did an acoustic set on lute. This event was a co-production with Alarma Punk Jazz.

Neopit Pilski /Germany/: 1 August 2014

Neopit Pilski /Hamburg, Germany/ Live in Plovdiv @Copa Kapana, August 1 2014 Neopit Pilski are now a duo (guitar and drums) and visited us in the heat of the summer for an underground gig and a new material from the upcoming 2-nd album Ние-Вие /Wir-Ihr. Event link here. .  

MIR /Switzerland/: 21 May 2014

MIR /Switzerland/ Live in Plovdiv @Petnoto, May 21 2014 MIR are here again. Now as a 4 piece, these modest guys absolutely demolished the reality with mature set, way different from their early brutal stuff. Again, it’s Live and it’s there for you. Event link here.      

Tod Gheorg /Bulgaria/: 7 December 2013

Tod Gheorg /Plovdiv, Bulgaria/ live in Plovdiv @Maria Luiza, December 7 2013 Tod Gheorg combines guitars and electronics in his cold/dark wave and post punk songs. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1349602330 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=1030683968]

Repetitor /Serbia/: 6 September 2013

Repetitor /Belgrade, Serbia/ Live in Plovdiv @Stage 51, September 6 2013 Repetitor is a three piece grunge/post punk/garage outfit.  Heavy touring representatives of the Balkan scene on the rise. Rock’N’Roll blast.

Nick Chongi /Bulgaria/: 18 May 2013

Nick Chongi /Plovdiv, Bulgaria/ Live in Plovdiv @Nylona, May 18 2013 Nick Chongi is the stage name of Nikola Chongarov who is a professional alpine ski racer. One man show, guitars and songs inspired from traveling around. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1778591423 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=658613485]

Staer /Norway/: 29 + 30 March 2013

Staer /Stavenger, Norway/ Live in: Sofia @Rock Bar Studio on March 29 2013 + Plovdiv @Petnoto on March 30 2013 Staer is a three piece that will blow your guts out. It’s loud and it’s real. See it to believe it. Event link is here. Pics from the gig in Plovdiv here.

Shitpop /Bulgaria/: 2 + 3 September 2011

Shitpop /Plovdiv, Bulgaria/ Live in Plovdiv @Garazha, September 2 + 3 2011 Shitpop is a 2 piece combining guitars, electronics and vocals. Froxie and Nick Bone did 2 consecutive nights at a private space. Simple and straight pop tunes that suck. Sweet.

Ilko Birov /Bulgaria/: 20 November 2010

Ilko Birov /Plovdiv, Bulgaria/ Live in Plovdiv @Maria Luiza, November 20 2010 Ilko Birov is an indie-pop singer-songwiter, born in Plovdiv, raised in Vancouver, Canada. Acoustic live evening in DIY fashion. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=4083134186 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=1885690316]

Conquering Lion /Macedonia/: 1 September 2010

Conquering Lion /Skopje, Macedonia/ Live in Plovdiv @Dom Levski, September 1 2010 Conquering Lion is а 7 piece reggae-dub-rock band that glues everything all together for a great performance. Reggae, Funky and Crossover Mighty Power! Pics from the gig here.

Neopit Pilski /Germany/: 29 May 2010

Neopit Pilski /Hamburg, Germany/ Live in Plovdiv @Nylona, May 29 2010 Neopit Pilski are here again. We support these guys. One year later after their gig at Lebowski they are bringing the same R’n’R energy and more Love! [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2725162786 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=395059345]

Soul Fire /Greece/: 6 February 2010

Soul Fire /Greece/ Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski, February 6 2010* Soul Fire are the reggae heroes from Greece since the early 90’s. Produced from Mad Professor and one of the best reggae acts in the whole wide World! Wake Up Your Lion! *co-production with Zionlionz Soundnsystem

The Jim Jones Revue /UK/: 10 + 11 December 2009

The Jim Jones Revue /London, UK/ live in: Sofia @Sofia Live Club, December 10 2009 Plovdiv @Lebowski, December 11 2009 The Jim Jones Revue is a 5 piece rock’n’roll psychosis. Total R’n’R blast! Sold out, Sweaty and Dirty! Pics from the gig in Sofia here.

Еdie Sedgwick /USA/: 12 + 13 November 2009

Edie Sedgwick /New York, USA/ Live in: Sofia @Vlaikova (support: Ambient Anarchist), November 12 2009 Plovdiv @Lebowski, November 13 2009 Edie Sedgwick is the artistic incarnation of Justin Moyer who incorporates music and video to tear down America. Get down and dirty because Things are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer!  

Kristian Anttila /Sweden/: 19 September 2009

Kristian Anttila /Göteborg, Sweden/ Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski, September 19 2009 Kristian Anttila is half Swedish – half Bulgarian and is a pop-rock star in Sweden, singing only in Swedish. It’s his first ever concert in his mother’s land. He’s coming without his band and it’s gonna be acoustic and intimate.  

Ambient Anarchist /Bulgaria/: 19 July 2009

Ambient Anarchist /Sofia, BG/ Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski, July 19 2009 Ambient Anarchist is a 3 piece experimental electro-acoustic band. From electronic punk through jazz to ambient soundscapes. [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/4392326″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

The Merry Poppins /Austria/: 15 May 2009

The Merry Poppins /Salzburg, Austria/ Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski, May 15 2009 The Merry Poppins is a 5 piece that grooves through Swing, Dixie, Urban Roots Reggae, Ska, Balkans Pop, Jive, Polka… Cabaret Flavor. Pics from the gig here.

Ananzi HiGrade /International/: 4 May 2009

Ananzi HigGrade International Soundsystem /Jamaica, Germany, France/ Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski, May 4 2009 Ananzi HiGrade is an international soundsystem featuring members from Jamaica, Germany and France. Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and all kinds of Caribbean music in an original soundsytem style.

The Latin Train Connection /Bulgaria/: 25 April 2009

The Latin Train Connection /Plovdiv, Bulgaria/ Live @Lebowski, April 25 2009 Svetlo Stoilov leads this jazz quartet with a latino-romantic feeling that will melt your heart. It’s a stage debut for their first album  “Uma noite em Kapangas”. [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/50526020″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Neopit Pilski /Germany/: 4 April 2009

Neopit Pilski /Hamburg, Germany/ Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski (support from O.X., Plovdiv, BG), April 4 2009 Neopit Pilski are here again as part of their European tour and bringing R’n’R vibes from their debut album. Support comes from the garage and post-punk rockers O.X.    

Balint Petz /Hungary/: 28 March 2009

Balint Petz /Budapest, Hungary / Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski, March 28 2009 Balint Petz is a Budapest born guitarist digging the world of Spanish flamenco. He will do a live acoustic performance and impro together with a contemporary dancer/actress Anna Karakasheva /Bulgaria/. Pics from the gig here.

Heptagram /Bulgaria/: 27 March 2009

Heptagram /Plovdiv, Bulgaria/ Live @Lebowski, March 27 2009 Heptagram is one man band (Danail Ivanov) mixing live guitars, electronics and samples. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3626421664 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=1594153665]  

SSM /USA/: 31 January 2009

SSM /Detroit, Michigan/ Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski, support from Subwaй /Plovdiv/, January 31 2009 SSM is a 3 piece consisting John Szymanski (Keys, Vox), David Shettler (Percussion) and Marty Morris (Guitar, Vox). From punk-rock to psychedelic kraut rock and synth pop. It’s all there for a great R’n’R! Pics from the gig here.          … Read More SSM /USA/: 31 January 2009

Shellac /USA/: 14 May 2008

Shellac (Chicago, Illinois) + Allroh (Germany) Live in Haskovo @KDK, May 14 2008. Shellac is a minimalist rock trio. Steve Albini, Bob Weston and Todd Trainer. A must. Allroh plays primitive, personal and emotional songs. Loud.

My Preserver /UK/ + Cigaretta /BG/ Tour: May 2008

My Preserver (London, UK) and Cigaretta (Sofia, BG) Live in: Veliko Turnovo @Melon, May 8 2008 Plovdiv @Petnoto, May 9 2008 Stara Zagora @Jam, May 10 2008 Sofia @Sroeja, May 12 2008 (without Cigaretta) My Preserver is a 4 piece alt-brit-rock band. Cigaretta is a 4 piece alt-rock band.

Roy Powell Peak Experience Trio /Norway/: Bulgarian tour in March 2008

Roy Powell Peak Experience Trio /Oslo, Norway/ Live in: Ruse @Plenarna Zala, March 13 2008 Sofia @Social Jazz Club, March 14 2008 Plovdiv @Petnoto, March 15 2008 Roy Powell Peak Experience Trio is a jazz fusion trio consisting British pianist Roy Powell, Norway bass player Per Mathisen and Bulgarian drummer Ivan Makedonov. Total groove on… Read More Roy Powell Peak Experience Trio /Norway/: Bulgarian tour in March 2008