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Electric Orpheus 2019 at Villa Yustina

    EO’s big open air event of 2019 at the vineyards of Villa Yustina, next to Rhodope Mountains. June 21 + 22.

    Line up: Ouzo Bazooka (Israel) / Monovine (Greece) / Moussaka (Serbia) / The Young Shaven (Turkey) / Nixxon (Denmark) / Andre Pahl (Germany) / Doesn’t Frogs (Bulgaria) / Chongi & The Smokers (Bulgaria) / Alex Kelman (Russia) / XRaydio (Bulgaria) / Lilya Lynch (Bulgaria) / Nearly dog (Bulgaria) / KceKce (Bulgaria)

    Find Event info, links to bands and everything you need to know at Electric Orpheus website.

    Pics here.