Soul Fire /Greece/: 6 February 2010

Soul Fire /Greece/ Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski, February 6 2010* Soul Fire are the reggae heroes from Greece since the early 90’s. Produced from Mad Professor and one of the best reggae acts in the whole wide World! Wake Up Your Lion! *co-production with Zionlionz Soundnsystem

Еdie Sedgwick /USA/: 12 + 13 November 2009

Edie Sedgwick /New York, USA/ Live in: Sofia @Vlaikova (support: Ambient Anarchist), November 12 2009 Plovdiv @Lebowski, November 13 2009 Edie Sedgwick is the artistic incarnation of Justin Moyer who incorporates music and video to tear down America. Get down and dirty because Things are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer!  

Kristian Anttila /Sweden/: 19 September 2009

Kristian Anttila /Göteborg, Sweden/ Live in Plovdiv @Lebowski, September 19 2009 Kristian Anttila is half Swedish – half Bulgarian and is a pop-rock star in Sweden, singing only in Swedish. It’s his first ever concert in his mother’s land. He’s coming without his band and it’s gonna be acoustic and intimate.